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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can the Web Give Pontiac a Makeover?

Granted the internet is repsonsible for some of the greatest and most successful businesses in society, but the question is, "can the internet give Pontiac a makeover?" It's tough to say for sure. GM (maker of Pontiac) has been traveling in a continuous downward spiral and in order to help re-image the brand has gone straight to one of the hottest relatively recent additions to the net, mpSpace and Second Life. With a mySpace page that offers all sorts of pictures and media on the newest Pontiac models as well as links to other Pontiac exclusive sites, they are hoping to really get a buzz going.

Second Life is a phenomenon in itself. Recently, Pontiac paid to open an island and a dealership in the online realm. Although Second Life attracts a heafty 1.2 million users, who knows if Pontiac has what it takes to win over this web savvy crowd.

With a rocky history, Pontiac has not been known to be too hott of a seller, especially among the younger demographic. With their latest web campaign, the company hopes to finally penetrate the market and appeal to those that were neglected by their past marketing endeavors.

So you've seen the cars, but will the web drive truckloads of cash back to the folks at Pontiac?




At 12:55 PM, Blogger Jonathan Benlolo said...

I think that the web can give Pontiac a makeover because by making good promotion, as well as using new technology were you can built your cars online and compare it with other brands, Pontiac could make a nice difference in the market showing their new models and improvements..


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