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Friday, April 27, 2007

Look out for the Snakes...I mean Geeks!!!!

Geek Squad... You see their VW Beetles cruising around town, their eye catching commercials and especially, their flat black ties and white short-sleeve shirts in your local Best Buy. You think they're the ones that can help, offer incite and recommendations for your PC or other Best Buy purchased electronic device, GUESS AGAIN!

The Geek Squad is by far the biggest rip-off going! After reading the article posted on Consumerist.com, we realize just how scummy the squad really is from a former Geek. He admits that the Geek Squad end of Best Buy had to meet certain numbers and would target older users or uninformed users to jack up their repair costs.

"As a Geek Squad employee you are expected to meet certain budgets regardless of hours worked and complete x number of units in a day or risk immediate termination. In order to meet the budgets I constantly found that my coworkers, my senior(s), my managers and I regret to admit myself were deceiving customers. Often times I would review tickets and find that units were being checked in that suffered only from minor Windows problems that might take less than 30 minutes to complete however on the ticket they were charged for an OS repair, malware removal and tune-up which at the time cost $118. The units often only had one tracking cookie or some temp files and there was no sign of a malware problem and no need for a tune-up. "

Personally, this doesn't surprise me at all. Any large electronics store that offers extended warranty or repair services is completely full of it! I have stood by the geek squad bench to listen to them tell customers complete BS and charging astranomical prices for relatively do-it-yourself simple tasks to be done.

In 7th grade I started BunamiTek (Formerly Computers By J), a small computer company that offers custom builds, configurations, networking, repairs, etc... I have seen everything under the sun from computers that were a on their death bed to those that seemed to house every corrupt file possible that was available on KaZaa. When taking your computer to get fixed, be aware of the sleezeballs at places like Best Buy. Generally, they follow the same old routine and not actually dig in there to see what's causing the problem. Remember you're going to know more about the problem than they are because you've dealt with it and have already experieinced it. If they try to feed you some bologna, turn around and walk out because you're only going to get swooped in as their next victim.

When you do have a problem with your PC, look for the local guys or other companies like mine. Usually, rates are less expensive, they'll come right to the house and prices are more affordable.

In a nutshell, stay away from places like the geek squad and DO NOT get any extended warranty, especially at places like Best Buy.

For More info Clicke: http://consumerist.com/consumer/best-buy/geek-squad-gouges-197249.php




At 10:02 AM, Blogger Lan said...

Yes, absolutely! I never buy warranties or service packages from stores. Thanks for the information.
Nice postings! I like the detailed information and the inpersonal writing styles.
It is nice having you in the class. Have a nice summer!


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